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What Projects You Should Invest Before The Next Crypto Boom

by DCompe29110n

Industry experts have stated that it’s during the bear market that the strongest tokens thrive and grow. This can come in the form of either new projects that start up with a strong understanding of how to weather the storm, or current projects that are already built on strong fundamentals. After a detailed analysis of what we have in the market today, we’ve landed on three crypto projects likely to lead the crypto boom that will come post-bear market: Ethereum, QQS, and Mehracki. Read on to find out why it’s so!

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum launched in 2015, and completely revolutionized what everyone knows of cryptocurrency and blockchain. With the Ethereum blockchain, DeFi truly came to life, with a huge amount of smart contracts, projects, and transactions all built on this amazing system. In fact, Ethereum was one of the leaders in bringing in the bull market in 2018 and even as recently as 2021. Even now, ETH still has a market cap exceeding $240b. With the world’s huge dependency on it, ETH will be likely to lead recovery, especially with their promised upgrades that will give it an even stronger foundation.


QQS is currently finishing up the last few days of their pre-sale (and selling out its inventory every single day), and is slated to have its proper launch later in 2022. It is a metaverse experience like no other, promising to be an immersive experience, home and earning opportunity for all its users through their burn to earn and other features. On top of its strong metaverse capabilities, QQS has also teased their QQ Card, which allows users to earn through spending on their Visa/Unionpay card. With its huge popularity and unique selling points, it’s no surprise that QQS will play a huge part in recovery; they’ve even confidently shared that the target price during the official launch is expected to be around 300% of the presale price!

Mehracki (MKI)

Mehracki is another new project, a community-driven cryptocurrency that seeks to make tourism even more attractive. It’s a meme coin with actual utility, where MKI can be used to travel, stay in hotels, and enjoy lifestyle experiences like spas. In a time where the world is starting on revenge travel post-pandemic and everyone is out to get their past 2 years’ worth of travel, the MKI coin is relevant and will play a part in leading the upturn.

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