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This NFT will find your soulmate

by DCompe29110n

One of the main reasons people enter the NFT industry is networking, but there are other considerations as well. NFT and DeFi enthusiasts have been hyper-connecting and creating their own broad networks in the sector through Twitter, LinkedIn, or Discord. This is the justification behind the initiative taken by this group of ex-employees from Apple, Facebook, and Pinterest to create the most potent networking platform for Web 3.0 to date.

Despite the fact that some people enjoy networking online, the majority of people find it difficult to establish meaningful relationships by just following and contacting others. Most people are still winging it when it comes to networking, therefore they are unsure if the connection will be beneficial for both parties’ needs or interests.

The answer was developed by the NYX SOULMATE team. The NYX SOULMATE platform is currently the most popular networking platform. It accomplishes this by employing patented artificial intelligence to link people based on their unique interests, pastimes, careers, personalities, and a variety of other variables. hard science, too.

Your biodata is “individuated” into a NYX Soul NFT when it is created, creating a digital representation of who you are in the Metaverse. You will soon see images and symbols on your NFT that are specifically related to your personality. This will make it easier for residents to meet people who have similar interests.

When you “individuate” a NYX Soul NFT after you mint one, your biodata is incorporated into the NFT. Then, this Soul NFT will change into a digital depiction of who you are as you interact with people and explore the Metaverse.

In case it isn’t enough to encourage people to start connecting socially, the website will also pay users for doing so.

More than only NFT customers are drawn to this idea. One of the ALPHA Startups chosen to speak at Web Summit in November is NYX SOULMATE. They expect to draw the interest of multiple VCs and investors because they will be presenting at this event alongside initiatives like Yuga Labs and Sandbox.

Visit to find out more about the creative team, the technology, and the artist! They’ll shortly release the information about their mint!

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