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Post-IDO Interview with beFITTER Co-founder

by DCompe29110n

Recently, we carried out an in-depth interview with Ba Nguyen – co-founder of beFITTER – a Move-to-Earn project that has been mentioned a lot by the global crypto community recently. She will talk about what the project has acquired during and before IDO as well as the team’s plans in the near future.

1. Hello, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Ba Nguyen – I’m the Co-founder of beFITTER. I have worked with multiple notable blockchain projects from Icetea Labs – the top-tier Incubator in Southeast Asia. The list of projects I have worked on includes Red Kite and – the top performing launchpads at the moment according to Crypto Rank. 

I was also Icetea Labs Due Diligence leader. My job back then was to evaluate, give advice, and support about more than 30 projects that Icetea Lab has incubated. And now, I’m one of the core leaders of beFITTER with the mission of getting you guys healthier every day.

2. Please tell us more about beFITTER?

beFITTER is a web3 FitnessFi and SocialFi app that aims to make healthy lifestyle irresistible.

Users will get monetary incentives when completing healthy behaviors as well as joining challenges with others. Users need to purchase or rent at least a Shoe NFT to get started. They can also level up and repair NFT to increase and maintain their earnings and choose to pay for a better fitness experience.

3. What is the USP of beFITTER? 

What is most fascinating and outstanding about the idea for this “Move to earn” app is that it allows users to profit from every daily activity such as walking in the park, drinking coffee, cycling on the street, or even resting in bed after a long day of vigorous activities.

beFITTER is proud to be the first web3 app to provide: 

– Multiple types of activities to be tracked: Walk, Run, Cycle, Swim (coming soon), Sleep (coming soon)

– Wearable Application: Besides being available on mobile (iOS and Android operating systems), we will also be featured on Wearable, a tracking device worn on your wrist 

– Social-fi Features: Web 3 Social networks, Clubs, Camera AR post, donation for content creators

– Game mode: As usual, Solo, but there are Challenge and Pet systems also. Group game mode will be our crucial feature, as we aim to boost the motivation throughout ourselves.

– Renting: beFITTER renting system will be released in August. beFITTER will be the first application that allows users to use the app from low to zero initial cost.

4. Can you show us the impressive results your team obtained from beFITTER IDO? 

We had beFITTER IDO sold out on the top three worldwide launchpads Red Kite,, and DAO Maker on July 15th. The $FIU Token is listed on five centralized exchanges including, Bybit, Huobi, MEXC, Bitget, and PancakeSwap as well. Compared to the token price listed on the exchanges (0.015 BUSD), the ATH of the token is more than 20 times and is still maintaining a stable price of about 8 times. This is really a positive sign for us because this price will maintain confidence and belief for the beFITTER community to keep investing in our project. 

Earlier, we achieved many significant successes that even exceeded our expectations. If you don’t know, after 2 phases of our testnet from June 6 to July 7, we got:

Alpha Test: 

– Total new registered users: 268,285

– Total unique active users: 15,878

– Total distance traveled: 38,117 kms

Open Beta Test:

– Total new registered users: 134,826

– Total unique active users: 19,237

– Total distance traveled: 76,829 kms

Additionally, in the testnet campaign, we have got valuable feedback from users and community to improve the app, so that in the Mainnet we hope to get a high level of user satisfaction with the in-app experience.

5. What are your next steps? Any upcoming listing for $HEE tokens? 

We intend to release the Mainnet a few days after the listing, which is tentatively July 22, 2022. The Mainnet can already support tracking Walk, Run, and Cycle; social feed and health profile; in-app wallet integrated with Metamask. We will list $HEE right before the Mainnet. Our target is that within this year, the mainnet can get 10,000 DAU (Daily Active Users).

Besides, we are launching the first phase of staking pool, which enables users to stake tokens then receive the Fitter Pass for the upcoming in-app exciting challenges. More details can be found here:

6. How do you see the company‘s potential in the next few years?

We see the potential of beFITTER is to stimulate the application of blockchain in daily life and for everyone. Even a small portion of typical lifestyle app users converted to move-to-earn app users can be an enormous number to the crypto community.

To reach mass users, we are already talking and forming partnerships with real world people, brands, and events. Recently, beFITTER has welcomed Ntando Mahlangu, a South African Paralympic athlete who starred in the Netflix documentary film ‘Rising Phoenix’, as our ambassador.

7. Any messages for our readers?

Sure, I want to talk a little about the beFITTER Manifesto, in other words, what value we commit to bring to users. Compared to traditional fitness apps, where users just run-in circles and get bored in a minute or two, people can stay on track for much longer in beFITTER that monetizes every single step they take. It’s keeping fit to earn. 

The earnings aspect here doesn’t just refer to the monetary benefit. It’s the social benefit that we also aim for. What could be more tempting than getting out there, being adventurous, and making new friends via beFITTER’s Socialfi feature, and still reaping some well-deserved rewards? At the end of the day, we provide considerable benefits financially and socially to inspire our community to live their lives to the fullest.
If you have any concerns, kindly contact the beFITTER team to get support!

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