Martial Arts DeFi NFT Game X10 Legends Announces 20th October Launch Date - The Founder Daily

X10 Legends Foundation today announced the launch date for their upcoming blockchain game X10 Legends. It will be on the 20th of October 7AM (GMT). X10 Legends is a competitive digital trading card set in the ancient Chinese Wuxia universe that monetizes through nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and DeFi. The token that powers X10 Legend’s ecosystem is XTL.

In X10 Legends, players will be able to buy or collect various card packs of NFT loot boxes to obtain their favorite Chinese Martial heroes of different rarities. The combat power of the player is increased by upgrading the cards and card or joining clans. With a higher total combat power, players can also mine more rewards from the game.

Today is also the last day of its token presale. There is a total of 200,000 Presale XTL tokens up for balloting at various price points and lock-in periods. The presale had its percentage of tokens subscribed at 1845% as of yesterday.

Tom Leung, founder of X10 Legends, said, “I’m proud of the progress of our presale ballot. This validates our game and vision and I’m excited to see an influx of players on the game launch day itself where players will be fighting with each other to open loot boxes first.”

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