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Introducing AioNFT – a community-owned NFT platform

by DCompe29110n

Surely everyone is no longer strange to the concept of NFT. Since 2017 this concept has been mentioned quite a lot and gradually become popular in all newspapers as well as major projects in the blockchain ecosystem. With the presence of many celebrities and the inflating of funds, investors, and exchanges such as FTX, Binance, and most recently Coinbase, we once again see the NFT market become more and more vibrant than ever.

About AioNFT

With the name “All in one” and the goal of a strong and sustainable community, AioNFT will be developed with a closed-loop ecosystem including NFT Collection, NFT Launch, Cross-chain NFT Building, NFT Earn, etc.

Launching NFT Collection: This is one of the important factors to develop a strong ecosystem of AioNFT

NFT Launchpad: NFT Launchpad was first created to help projects and creators launch their NFT in a way that is fair to everyone.

With NFT Launchpad, creators and projects can create support for the community as early as possible through INO. For creators and projects, this is a unique opportunity to lower the risk of creating resource-intensive NFT projects.

AioNFT has found a unique way to incentivize and reward all AIO token holders for access to exclusive NFT and project launches. At the same time, it also helps creators and projects get more excited about their work.

Building AioNFT cross-chain: AioNFT’s goal is to be user-centric to build a decentralized platform that serves users and the community on a cross-chain basis. In the future, AioNFT will plan to launch with Solana and other blockchains like Polkadot, Polygon, etc. Currently, the development team has deployed it on the Binance Smart Chain platform to take advantage of this ecosystem.

NFT Earn: Owning AIO tokens, users have many rights to participate in the development of the project as well as increase profits by selling and collecting digital assets on the market that AioNFT built. In addition, users can use the features in AioNFT’s comprehensive development ecosystem such as Staking, Lending, etc.

More Information About AioNFT:

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