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Gylie: A New Token on Binance Smart Chain

by DCompe29110n

A new Token on Binance Smart Chain, Gylie, has recently launched. The Binance Smart Chain is a Binance Chain spinoff formed to enable cross-chain compatibility. Gylie idea got birthed in early 2021, fueled by the need to develop a new token on Binance Smart Chain, which would integrate all essential DeFi aspects in one place. The idea quickly developed into a concrete project upon launching the Gylie token on the Binance Smart Chain in May 2021.

Gylie is a One-Stop Shop for DeFi Services

The Gylie platform promises extensive provision of most DeFi services, including:

  • Decentralized Exchange (Dex)
  • Token (GYLIE Token)
  • NFT marketplace (Still in development)
  • Secure, digital, and multichain wallet

The Decentralized crypto exchange on BSC offered by Gylie enables crypto enthusiasts to buy and sell crypto anonymously. In this way, the identity of Gylie token holders and traders remains private, made possible by the P2P crypto trading framework supported by platforms such as PancakeSwap.

Gylie has also banked on the ever-growing NFT space within the crypto space by incorporating an NFT marketplace within the platform. However, this NFT marketplace is still undergoing development. After its launch, the NFT marketplace will offer a platform for artists to showcase their art pieces for auction.

NFTs have increasingly become a mainstream earning framework for artists, musicians, and other creatives. NFTs potential, for instance, became apparent with the highly publicized record-breaking sale of Beeple’sart piece for a whopping $69 million in March 2021. Gylie aims to tap into this potential and position itself as a leading NFT marketplace while building a platform for creatives to earn from their works and interact with fans.

Gylie’s digital wallet is an internet-based wallet for crypto assets. The wallet is highly secure due to the 2-factor authentication solution it offers. Gylie wallet’s multi-sign feature further secures the platform from potential cyber-attacks and hacking. The wallet’s user has sole access to the private key, making it even more hack-proof.

Gylie’s Genesys Outreach Program

Gylie has developed the Genesys program to target women and minorities. The minorities targeted by this program are African-Americans and Hispanics, who generally have a lower percentage of crypto investors compared to the other groups. It is estimated that only about 23 percent of the African-Americans and Hispanic groups invest in crypto.

Gylie hopes to carry out impactful education of these groups on DeFi due to its potential relevance in the coming decades. These groups will gain knowledge about blockchain, crypto, smart contracts, and so forth. All persons who successfully finish this education program will get rewarded with some GYLIE Token. In addition, they will have the comprehensive Gylie platform to put the knowledge gained from the outreach program into practical use.


GYLIE token on Binance Smart Chain is the native token of the Gylie project. Gylie has about 50 billion tokens in circulation. To use the Gylie decentralized crypto exchange on BSC and other services such as NFT exchange, an individual must own a Gylie token. Experienced investors may also hodl the GYLIE token to reap profit from its sale when the token’s value appreciate in the future.

To purchase Gylie tokens on PancakeSwap, click here.

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