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Future use cases for RayCoin

by DCompe29110n

What is a RayCoin?

The cryptocurrency world gives a premise to new decentralized and imaginative frameworks which will settle a portion of the world’s primary difficulties. The ray coin group tries to lead the environment and assist with connecting the capability of crypto with the troubles of the present decentralized monetary framework. SpiritSwap is the cryptocurrency commercial center of Fantom Opera Mainnet, where purchasers and vendors might exchange dependent on long-haul theoretical suppositions on esteem. Ray coin is based on the Fantom organization (FRC20).

Cryptocurrency: what is it?

A cryptocurrency is decentralized advanced cash, which utilizes cryptographic calculations and a convention called blockchain to guarantee the dependability and detectability of exchanges. Cryptographic forms of money are completely virtual; they can be put away in an advanced wallet ensured by a mysterious code having a place with its proprietor. Trade stages (Binance, Coinbase, Bitstamp, and so forth) are utilized to purchase and exchange cryptocurrency on the web. If you want to know more and understand the procedure for buying cryptocurrencies, you can visit Cryptoast.

A value-driven by scarcity, like precious metals

Typically, cryptocurrencies are designed to create a known and limited amount of tokens. In the case of Bitcoin, 21 million coins are expected to be generated by 2140. New coins are automatically allocated to miners: the nodes of the blockchain that confirm blocks of transactions by solving cryptographic algorithms. During the first years, the number of bitcoins created was significant: 50 per block. This volume decreases by half every four years during an event called “Halving.” This process gradually increases the scarcity of cryptocurrency, making it increasingly difficult to obtain by mining.

The legislation on cryptocurrencies varies greatly depending on the country. Central banks do not recognize them in the same way as national currencies, and their legal status does not yet exist. In France, gains made on cryptocurrency movements converted into euros are subject to tax.


With Blockchain altering plans of action around the world, organizations’ prizes and client commitment capacities are gaining disappointing headway, if by any means. These programs follow the archaic and decades-old practices that have led them to become ineffective means of generating customer loyalty. In support, research shows that 54% of loyalty members are inactive, further pointing towards the ineffectiveness of reward programs in retaining customers. Ray coin aims to address this problem with its plan to build a self-sustaining community worldwide by connecting businesses with their customers through our blockchain rewards and engagement program.

The RayCoin team is focused on empowering people and organizations to work all the more proficiently, adequately, and without borders. Our worldwide vision is a universe of shared success, where all individuals can flourish financially, regardless of where they come from or their identity.

There will be multiple sites that will host Raycoin Like:

raycoinglobal.com tubermart.com yumjelly.com problemsforsolvers.com happylilsmellies.com and more. The team has a lot of plans for this token.

There will be annual token burns every solar eclipse. As well as a yearly gathering to talk about crypto and its purposes to be in control of your value.

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