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Exclusive Interview with Robbie J, BD Head, Kommunitas

by DCompe29110n

Q.Please introduce yourself?

A. My name is Robbie and I’m a representative from Kommunitas. I’m in charge of Business Development

Q. What is Kommunitas about? Can you give us a brief?

A. Kommunitas is a tier-less launchpad built on Polygon Chain. Basically a Launchpad is a platform, where people can launch their project on our platform. So, the Dev Team will get exposure to our community, which has 32k members on our telegram group, and for our token holder, they will get benefits by purchasing the lowest price / IEO price of a newly launched project.

Q. Kommunitas is working on Polygon, how is it better than any other blockchain available at present?

A. Polygon is a layer 2 solution for ethereum. Ethereum has its advantages of security as we all know, but the speed of transaction and the transaction fee is quite high, and not all users like to use Ethereum Network. Polygon offers the solution for a faster transaction speed (2second per block) and almost-zero fee transaction. You can do a transaction in Polygon Chain for as low as 0.0002 Matic per transaction.

Q. What makes Kommunitas stand out from all of the other crypto projects?

A. Kommunitas will stand out from all of the other crypto projects, as we are going to build a multi-chain launchpad, where the dev team can accept any well-known cryptocurrencies for their projects. This will also ease our investors to choose which cryptocurrencies they want to pay. Kommunitas will also provide bridging between several blockchain as well as staking in our platform.

Q. How is Kommunitas acting as a bridge between blockchain projects & Polygon?

A. As we all know, there are several blockchain nowadays, each with its community and advantages. Kommunitas will acts as a bridge for all projects and Polygon when our bridge and multi-chain wallet is developed.

Q. What is a tier-less system?

A. Tier-less system means that holders of KOM or investors who want to purchase newly launched projects do not need to hold a specific amount of KOM token to be eligible for that specific token. Normally, in other launchpads, investors will need a specific amount of native token, and this tier system allows only those with enough capital to purchase newly launched tokens.

Q. What is your vision and the goal you want to ultimately achieve with Kommunitas?

A. My vision and goal for Kommunitas is to be one of the biggest launchpads in this crypto industry, alongside Binance, and Coinlist.

Q. What are the benefits of launching a project on Kommunitas launchpad?

A. The dev team will get exposure to our community. We currently have 5 telegram groups with more than 31k members.
We will also provide the dev team with options to get audited by our partner as well as marketing promotion with our marketing partners.

Q. What is the significance of KOM Token? What are the use cases?

A. The holder of KOM token will get several advantages, such as : staking rewards in our platform, as well as governance function, which means that holder will have the ability to vote for the development of Kommunitas platform. And the most significant part is, guaranteed allocation for newly launched projects.

Q. Why should anyone invest in Kommunitas? 

A. Kommunitas / KOM token is the first tier-less launchpad project built on Polygon. By holding KOM people will have advantages that have been described earlier. So, it’s not another meme token. A real token with a real use case.

Q. What are the details of Kommunitas Private Sale? How can one participate?

A. Kommunitas’ Private Sale has just ended, unfortunately. We sold approximately 247 million KOM tokens in 15 days. This was not as we expected but we have raised enough funds to get listed on 2-3 exchanges and the rest will be used for marketing and development purposes.

Our next event is Public Sale. We are conducting IEO in several exchanges, and the first exchange is Indoex exchange. The first round of IEO will start on 17th June and end on 30th June. The price of KOM token in this IEO mechanism will be $0.002 per KOM, with $50 of minimum purchase. And if you purchase $2000, you will get another 50,000 KOM for bonus.

Q. Any message for investors?

A. Holding a KOM token will give you the privilege of investing in newly launched projects. As we all know, the IEO or presale price of a token is normally the cheapest. Just like ETH IEO in 2014. 1 ETH was equal to $0.4 if i’m not mistaken. So, don’t just simply invest in a token, you should invest in a newly launched token with a strong use case and future development.

To learn more about Kommunitas visit Kommunitas.net

Twitter : https://twitter.com/kommunitas1

Telegram : https://t.me/Kommunitas

Instagram : https://instagram.com/kommunitas1

Medium : https://medium.com/@Kommunitas

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