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Exclusive Interview with Prometheus, Co-Founder, Hector Finance

by DCompe29110n

Q. Hello there, please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Prometheus, one of the founders, and a strategic lead at Hector Finance.

Q. Please briefly explain what is Hector?

Hector Finance is an ecosystem of products which allow users control over their DeFi Tokens. We offer high staking rewards, lending and borrowing, a cross chain DEX, and much more.

Q. What problems does Hector solve for the crypto community?

We’re building a full suite of apps and products on the blockchain which will allow people to use their tokens in the way that they want to. Our Stablecoin farm offers rewards upwards of 25%. We also offer a decentralised lending and borrowing platform which allows users to leverage their tokens for extra value.

Q. Who is behind the project and what are their experiences in this industry?

We are a team of 40:

  • 6 Core Members who handle strategy, marketing, external relations, and finances
  • 8 Developers who handle frontend, backend, web design, and systems administration
  • An in-house design team of 7 who handle our branding and image
  • An additional project manager who handles our stablecoin outreach
  • An outsourced social media team who helps us maintain a consistent image across multiple networks
  • 19 community moderators across Telegram and Discord

Q. How do you aim to make hector an asset to store value in the future?

We are designing a suite of apps which we refer to as the Hector Finance Ecosystem:

  • Hector Rebase
    • Where users can stake their HEC tokens for attractive rewards
  • Hector Bank
    • A decentralised lending and borrowing protocol where users can lend out or borrow tokens for APR rewards
  • Hector NFT
    • The creation of a DeFi Game where users can play to earn tokens
    • Several NFT collections which will have utility both on-chain and in the DeFi Game we are making
  • Hector Launch
    • We are creating a launch incubator for upcoming projects on the Fantom Opera Chain which will allow innovative new projects to secure funding and expertise and have the best possible launch
  • Hector University
    • We are creating an education centre to help people learn about DeFi, Hector Finance, and the Fantom Opera Chain in general
  • Hector Pay
    • We are creating a payment gateway wherein users will be able to pay for real-world items using their DeFi Balance, using the low transaction fees, high speed, and exceptional security of the Fantom Opera Chain
  • Hector Crosschain
    • Our general operation to use our cross chain Hector DEX to allow the use of all of our apps from any network

All of these sub-projects will make use of the HEC token and drive demand up.

Q. Which blockchain networks are you using to build Hector and why?

We are building on the Fantom Opera Chain. It has an amazing community of developers and users who make it a very pleasant space to be. The chain itself has very low transaction fees, is very fast, and has high security. It’s gaining between 10,000 and 15,000 users per day and this is accelerating.

Q. Can you briefly explain how investors will be able to build their wealth with Hector?

Users can buy and stake our HEC token for competitive APY rewards as well as farming our stablecoin for 25%+ APR. We will be working on multiple subprojects this year which will also provide more utility to the HEC token.

Q. Is Hector a DAO? How is it important from the perspective of a normal crypto investor?

Hector Finance is community-driven in the sense that the community takes an active role in voting on proposals like APY adjustments, treasury investments, and various other project parameters.

Q. What steps will Hector take to ensure the safety and security of its investors’ data? Are the investors completely secure with Hector?

We are audited by Certik:


We also use multisignature authentication – this means that no individual has control over the treasury and that all transactions need to be verified by a trusted board.

Q. What is HEC Token? What makes it different from other tokens? Also, tell us more about its significance in the hector ecosystem?

The HEC token is the world’s first deflationary rebase token. This means that users can stake it and receive rewards whilst the circulating supply is decreasing. It forms the backbone of the Hector Finance Ecosystem – a suite of apps we are building to bring utility and value to the HEC token.

Q. Please give us a brief description of the recently launched Hector DEX?

Hector DEX is our Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator embedded into the Hector ecosystem. This means that users can swap their tokens to and from HEC (and others) across multiple chains whilst getting the best possible rates. This is one of the steps we are taking to turn Hector into a financial centre within the Fantom Opera Chain.

Q. We saw the roadmap of Hector finance. Please tell us if the project is going on track? 

We are perfectly on track, and even slightly ahead of schedule on most items. We’ve got an incredibly talented development team, so we can usually hit deadlines very accurately.

Q. What are some of the key partnerships that led Hector to grow this far?

Yoshi Exchange and Rubic Exchange were two of the key partnerships in our early development and have been exceptionally fruitful. Rubic Exchange is a cross chain DEX which allows users to swap between tokens on multiple exchanges. Yoshi Exchange is a DEX Aggregator on the Fantom Chain which uses a closed-cycle payment system.

Q. Can you please briefly explain the tokenomics of the project?

HEC tokens are minted to give staking rewards to users. The revenues we gain from treasury investments and subproject revenues are used to buyback and burn tokens from the market, allowing us to be deflationary. Users can also farm rewards in our stablecoin pool for 25%+ rewards.

Q. Any message for our readers?

Join our community! We have a huge community of funny, kind, intelligent people and we’d love to have you with us!

To know more about Hector Finance visit www.hector.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hector_Network
Telegram: https://t.me/Hector_Network
Telegram Ann: https://t.me/HectorNetworkAnn
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hector_network
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@hector_network
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/HectorDAO
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hectordao/
Medium: https://medium.com/@Hector_Network
Discord: https://discord.gg/hector
Github: https://github.com/HectorNetwork

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