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Exclusive Interview with Kelvin, CEO & Founder, The Next War

by DCompe29110n

Today, we got the chance to interview team The Next War. The Game that’s certainly in the trends these days. We got to ask everything about the project and just by that we were able to discover the hype about this project. Experienced team, Unique concept, user centric approach, Play-to-Earn capabilities and a lot more.

Take a deep dive down to this interview with one of the key persons in The Next War team.

Q. Please introduce yourself?

Hey there! I’m Kelvin, the CEO and the Founder of The Next War. I’ve been in the game publishing and E-Sports industry for the past 12 years. I consider myself a diehard gamer, hence, the choice of my career path. During these 12 years, I have been involved in various masterpieces, such as MapleStory, Sudden Attack, RAN Online, etc. I’m certain that these that these are games familiar to the Southeast Asia region. I’m also the founder and former president of Indonesia Flash Wolf E-Sport team. Which leads to my extensive network and relationships in this industry where I believe this is a good help to our future development.

Q. What is The Next War?

THE NEXT WAR is the world’s first E-Sport standard shooter game in the GameFi industry. Imagine wearing a revolutionary battle suit and battling your opponents in a battle royale style. Moreover, TNW is FREE-to-PLAY, and we are advocating Play “AND” Earn rather than Play-to-Earn. We want gamers to enjoy the gameplay while monetizing their time. Instead of playing games to make money, we hope to not abandon the original intention of playing games. In my opinion, GameFi is supposed to contain entertaining elements, therefore, the creation of The New War started.

THE NEXT WAR offers 5 unique earning mechanisms for this game which are Shoot-to-earn, Watch-and-earn, Bid-to-earn, Stake-to-Earn and also Bet-to-earn. With the unique 5 earning mechanism, I believe we can create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for our community and investors.

Q. What was the inspiration behind The Next War?

The inspiration of TNW striked from my all-time favourite, Call-of-Duty! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it before. According to our research, shooter games are always the most famous games among all genres, but there isn’t any fun shooter game in the GameFi industry. This is part of the reason why THE NEXT WAR exists. On top of that, all these conventional gamers aren’t getting paid for playing the games, and THE NEXT WAR dreams of helping gamers monetize their time and efforts! Which is why we’ve decided to integrate an E-Sport standards game into the blockchain, creating this ecosystem to allow all traditional gamers to flourish in the GameFi market.

Q. What does The Next War visualize for the gamers?

The 5 earning mechanisms have been developed for our gamers. Our vision is to create a space for people to earn even if gaming is not in their profession. We aim to make everything as straightforward as possible, therefore we want everyone to be able to earn money in the simplest way possible. On top of that, it is in our plans to host world-class tournaments, where gamers can have a life-changing opportunity in our project. We recognize that the intention of playing a game is to have fun, which is why we’ve put players gaming experience as our core consideration. On top of having fun, you’ll be able to earn some money which can aid you for a living. I believe this is the real meaning behind Game + Finance, Game goes first, followed by Fi.

Q. The game launch is in Q4 and it is still a long journey for The Next War, what is the method you have in mind to sustain the community?

This is a very good question! Yes, we still have a long path ahead of us. However, we’ve already meticulously had everything planned. As our whole community is aware, we are now doing internal testing of our Demo version. Followed by the mini-game, which will be launched in June and players are able to start their Play-and-Earn journey with us! Not only that, we have integrated our comprehensive tier systems and outstanding NFTs into the mini-game, which is closely tied to our main gameplay. Furthermore, we have already planned tournaments in June, where the event will be hosted on PUBG, COD, and Free Fire. It will be organized beginning with the South East Asia region, and we hope that it will continue to spread around the world along the way! Why are we doing this? As I previously stated, we have a goal and objective to target all GameFi gamers and traditional gamers, and this is the ideal strategy and education for them to begin their journey. All of the aforementioned will undoubtedly foster a strong bond between gamers and investors and us. Generally, derives with a positive engagement when it comes to the launch of our game!

Q. Is the project running right on time with the roadmap?

Yes, everything is proceeding as planned. We have just confirmed that our IDO will be falling in late May! So, get ready guys! Not only that, our game demo is coming to completion. We will be releasing the demo to the public after internal testing to ensure that our users will only experience the best! Additionally, we’ve got our mini-game ready by June too! We will be updating our status on our socials, so don’t forget to follow them!

Q. What makes the next war unique in the market?

What makes THE NEXT WAR stand out is definitely our Free-to-Play & Play “And” Earn philosophy. Constantly evolving our game mode is one of the strategies to make TNW a long-term viable game in this industry. Also, our 5 earning mechanisms are undoubtedly the greatest part of TNW; Shoot-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, Bid-to-Earn, Stake-to-Earn and also Bet-to-Earn. Not only that, with the tiering system that we have & NFTs integration with the game will make THE NEXT WAR one of the best games ever. Check out more about us and you’ll be hooked, guys!

Q. What is the team behind The Next War? What are their experiences?

We have a team of in-house experts with more than 10 years of experience in shooter game development! Not only that, TNW’s game development team is skilled with Unreal Engine. We were involved in a number of projects to support local and international game developers, such as Maple Story, Sudden Attack, RAN Online, etc. Our game developer is also very well-known and has games which are already published on Steam. I myself, as a CEO of The Next War, have more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, and have extensive networks with many partners, which I believe many aspects of collaborations could help in our project’s growth.

Q. When can we expect the first prototype of the game?

Excited patrons will have to wait in suspense till Q3 for now. We are currently having the internal demo testing and yes, just a couple of months after the IDO, we will be releasing our Alpha and Beta versions! Bear in mind that we have a big vision, and we want to take Play “And” Earn to a whole new dimension. And to make sure that everybody will enjoy the game. Therefore, this is the reason why we’d took months of dev. I believe The Next War will keep players riveted to their screens. Do keep yourself updated with our latest news on our socials!

Q. What is the next planned event for the project?

Here’s a little brief for our roadmap. The launch of TNW’s IDO will be in May. Proceeding to June, investors will be able to start staking their tokens & NFTs. During the meantime, we will be coming out with a Mini Game to our members, and this is where all of them start their Play and Earn journey; players will be able to earn rewards in the Mini Game! We’ve also confirmed that, with the collaboration with Matchroom, we’ll be conducting a few E-Sport standards tournaments. The tournaments will fall in July with various big title mobile games! We will be updating about the tournament in socials along with the crazy rewards we’ll be giving out!

Q. Any message for our readers?

I would say, THE NEXT WAR will be the revolution of the GameFi industry. A real game, a sustainable ecology, not forgetting the intention of gaming. Definitely your next x100 gem that you are looking for. Let’s hop in now while we are still in the early stage!

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