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Exclusive Interview with Artem S.Zhdanok, CEO ARNO Token

by DCompe29110n

Q. Please tell us about yourself?

Was born in 1972 in Kazakhstan in a family of scientists. In 1988 he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics College (Minsk, Belarus), after which he entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Technical University, Moscow, Russia) – the leading forge of scientific and technical personnel not only in the former USSR, but also in the world. In the period 1990-1992 served in the army. Reserve Officer of the Strategic Missile Forces. In 1994 he graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with the as Master of Science. Also in 1996 graduated from MIPT-Wolverhampton Business School (UK), Master of Business Administration. In 2002 completed his postgraduate studies at the Belarus National Academy of Sciences (Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Minsk, PhD degree). For a long time he worked in various scientific structures in Russia, the USA, Europe and Belarus.

He took part in the development of technologies for the production of carbon nanomaterials and their application in industry.

Since 2014, he has been holding the position of Deputy Director for Intellectual Property at the Advanced Research and Technology Holding and Head of Secondary Energy Sources Laboratory.

Over the past few years, he published about a dozen scientific papers on the use of carbon nanomaterials in various technological processes, received 15 patents, four of them directly related to the ARNO project he is currently managing.


Q. What is ARNO? Why is there a need of such a project?

The ARNO Token project is a fairly specific attempt to finance the introduction of a purely scientific, advanced technology into long-standing production chains in order to update existing and outdated technologies that have not yet lost their relevance. In our case, this project concerns the use of various types of carbon nanomaterials for the modernization and dramatic improvement of the properties of lead-acid batteries that are familiar to everyone and are used everywhere. And to create, based on the introduction of the latest technologies, the final product, which, at a comparable cost, has significant competitive advantages over competing samples.


Q. What is the biggest challenge for energy storage industry? What is BESS?

There are a number of basic, so to speak, problems that the energy production and transportation industry is currently facing.

Firstly, this is the basic problem of the contradiction between the continuous process of energy generation and the periodic process of its consumption. Let me explain – it’s not a secret for anyone that energy consumption (I mean, of course, electricity) is wavy in nature, reaching a maximum in “peak hours” (evening) and a minimum in “network unloading hours” (usually at night). Accordingly, additional energy in “rush hours” has to be taken from somewhere, it must either be stored somewhere, or the electrical networks must be calculated based on the calculation of possible overload. All this has a strong effect on the cost of energy for the end user.

The second problem is the recent trend towards unbundling and decentralization of power grids, mainly through the use of “green” energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. Here everything is the same – the problem of local storage of energy in a form suitable for consumption, and combining local networks to issue the stored one.

Well, and the third problem, which is of a very global nature, is the problem of extraction, processing and reproduction of final resources – in this case, materials for the actual secondary energy sources.

It is clear that it would be desirable for the end consumer to use, and the tendency to this is observed, the so-called BESS – local storage and distribution systems for electricity, for example, in home or semi-industrial conditions. And the demand for such systems is constantly growing along with the growth of both electricity consumption and the diversification of its sources..


Q. How is ARNO decreasing energy wastage? What is Art Nano solution to this problem?

The modern end consumer strives for comfortable, if possible, consumption of the final product, facilitating his daily existence and reducing his own costs.

At the same time, the choice is made between cheap and reliable, time-tested and operational solutions, such as secondary energy sources based on lead-acid batteries, and more “advanced”, from the point of view of the consumer, more supposedly modern solutions. However, it should always be borne in mind that “modern high-tech” solutions, firstly, are not always so modern, and secondly, they are by no means devoid of a number of design and operational flaws.

For example, if we take lithium batteries that are so widespread now, then, firstly, lithium is now produced practically only in China and its proven reserves will be enough at the current level of consumption for no more than 30 years, and secondly, solutions based on lithium are highly toxic and such a resource like lithium is very difficult to replenish with recycling. That is, if lithium batteries have a promising future, it is solely due to the rise in the price of the final product.

In our project, we are implementing the concept of “radical improvement” of consumer properties without changing production and economic chains. Lead-acid batteries have been tested in practice, their production has been established for a long time and is growing steadily, and consumer properties, such as the number of recharge cycles and capacity per unit mass, can be significantly increased when using the nanomaterials we use without a significant increase in the cost of the final product and, as consequently, improving consumer properties.

In addition, the recycling of such batteries has been established for a long time and makes it possible to replenish up to 98% of the total resource, which the technologies we are introducing also contribute to.


Q5. Please list some of the benefits of ARNO developed energy saving tech?

As mentioned above, the main advantage of the high-tech solution we use is easy integration into existing production chains, low cost of sale with a sharp increase in consumer properties, and increased ease of use of the final product.


Q6. What is the significance of ARNO Token?

We use new financial technologies, in particular finance decentralization technologies, in order to expand the project’s possibilities in relation to financing in today’s market.

That is why, to finance the project, we have chosen such method as conducting an ICO.

The funds raised for ICO/IEO will be spent on the development of the project, the purchase of the necessary equipment, invested in testing and development. From the same funds, the amount required for placement on exchanges, for example, on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, with which certain agreements have already been reached, will be allocated.

Today we are following the roadmap of our project and we have already completed the organizational tasks we have set: a company is registered in Bulgaria and a managing director has been appointed, a site for future production has been selected, further steps have been outlined for the implementation of the project.


Q7. How many of ARNO Tokens are available & how to get ARNO Token as an early investor?

The total volume of the token issue is 50,000,000. For our fundraising project, a limit for the sale of 4,000,000 ARNO Tokens for presale has been set.

Our early investors also receive an additional bonus when buying tokens before going public in the following amounts:

when buying 30 and 299 coins + 10% bonus

when buying 300 and 1499 coins + 15% bonus

when buying 1500 or more coins + 20% bonus

A purchase can be made by registering on our website https://arno-token.com.

In addition, we provide our partners with many other perks when purchasing, we conduct a number of promotions and events.

Our partners also have a referral program, an airdrop token accrual program and a bounty program.


Q8. Any exchange listing planned for ARNO Token?

Yes, listing on the exchange is planned according to the roadmap. It will happen, approximately, in December 2021-January 2022. Not later.

We have chosen one of the dex-exchanges as the first launching pad, namely Uniswap. Uniswap is a publicly available exchange that uses a pricing mechanism called “Permanent Product Manufacturer”. When listing on the exchange in a pair with Arno, we will create a pool of liquidity.

There are many reasons why we made such a decision, but the most important is that our buyers of the ARNO token are always confident in its liquidity, since the token is firmly backed by a real product, production and unique developments, confirmed by patents.


Q9. Tell us more about ARNO Tokens for auction?

Free sales make up 58% of the total issued tokens. According to the percentage distribution, sale and ICO / IEO, 8% is allocated, which is 4,000,000 tokens. Another 30% of tokens will be offered for sale after listing on the exchange.


Q10. Any message for our readers?

Our team is constantly working to ensure that our partners are, if possible, fully and fully informed about our current actions, current successes in the implementation of the project and further long-term plans. For this, we have created groups in social networks, we publish press releases, reviews and video reviews, which can be found not only on the official website of our project, but also in other media. In addition, you are open to dialogue and promptly provide, if necessary, both help and additional, suddenly necessary, information.

Our team believes that our project will make our life better, easier and tastier.

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