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Affected By Emotions From Trading? Automated Crypto Bots Like GTAI Can Help You

by DCompe29110n

Let’s face it: the cryptocurrency market hasn’t been doing too well lately. We’ve read about Bitcoin’s drop in value, the Axie Infinity hack, and now the latest – the $LUNA crash that has even affected the stablecoin $UST. Many in the market are getting worried, and those who haven’t started their journey with crypto might be even more certain that they wouldn’t want to.

Yet, we cannot deny that the crypto market has so much potential – even with big cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH losing value in 2022, those who entered the market early have still been able to reap some (or maybe even a lot) of profits. Perhaps, instead of dumping all your crypto or even losing hope, advisors from Bloomberg share that you could spend this time rebalancing your portfolio and getting a better handle on which coins are likely to have long-term value that you should be keeping in the bear market. In this day and age, we can’t just put all our eggs in one basket; diversifying your investments is the bare minimum. Crypto may be trending down now, but when it bounces back up, you don’t want to be the one regretting once again.

One word of advice, though, is to only invest what you can lose at this point of time – trading is a long game, and you cannot afford to stash away what you require for daily life that long.

Let automated trading bot take care of your trading

Most people are not aware of their emotional approach to the market. Therefore, you might want to use automated trading instead of allowing your emotions to get a better hold of your trading decisions. Analysing and predicting the crypto market can be difficult. However, controlling your emotions is necessary for successful trading. An automated bot can take care of the emotional burdens and make profits for you.

Best bot for traders: GTAI Trading Bot

Galaxy Trading Artificial Intelligence (GTAI) is a world-class AI trading plus arbitrage system designed to help crypto traders maximize trading profits while minimizing risks and losses. Galaxy Trading Analytics (GTA), the leading regulated Fintech company founded in 2022 by a team of AI and Deep Learning experts that created the Bot. They have constructed a clear and transparent system that conducts trading transactions according to the parameters set, and  have connected investment tools and financial protection algorithms to it. There are currently 4 proprietary trading and arbitrage strategies implemented, with more trading strategies that are currently being developed and will be added to GTAI once more stringent tests are being done.

Traders can choose between two Packages, A or B in their user-friendly App, where in Package A, the only thing traders need to do is set perimeters of the AI Bot and let the Bot do its work, while traders control 100% of their funds in their crypto exchange accounts. GTA claims that traders’ monthly estimated gains could be between 2% to 8% depending on crypto market conditions.

Traders can also go for Package B, where traders will get access to a dedicated team to monitor their trading on their behalf, deploying the right strategies according to the market movement. There will also be active risk management in place, 24 hours a day. Package B also grants access to higher leverage using liquidity pools, which means higher and more consistent profits by more powerful AI bot, going between 3% to 36% monthly gains. Both options can be selected at the same time, they are suitable for beginners, advanced or expert traders, and participation start from as low as $100.


The high volatility of the crypto market makes it very difficult to take trades without being emotionally attached. However, you can avoid chasing futile gains or selling your cryptos in panic by using an automated crypto trading bot.

Every investor seeks to make a profit even during a bearish market.  However, research has shown that following a defined strategy and staying on course through market volatility increases profitability. Automated trading bots help investors stick to a trading strategy and eliminate emotional trading decisions.

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