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A sneak peek into the successful GOinfluencer’s campaign design process

by DCompe29110n

GOinfluencer is a marketing and business search engine that uses AI and machine learning to assist small and medium-sized enterprises find their target customers. GOinfluencer aims to assist small businesses in achieving the marketing power of major corporations by helping them reach their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

The GOinfluencer Suite will revolutionise marketing with its AI and ML-powered dashboard. The Suite has been designed in such a manner that it will appeal to both, the brands and the influencers. With a data-driven platform, brands will be able to achieve market-leading outcomes using the features like GO Search, GO Analytics and GO campaigns and with features like myInfluence, Brand connect, Competitor analysis and GOinfluencer Academy, influencers will be provided with the same level of independence as brands. These features, when combined, result in an efficient GOinfluencer marketing campaign.

GOinfluencer’s marketing campaign consists of four steps: influencer discovery, campaign design and planning, influencer management, and post-campaign analytics. All four of them are curated for each project because of which the GOinfluencer has been able to achieve brilliant results.

Step1: Influencer discovery.

Brands would be able to select the perfect influencers based on their historical performance. The dashboard for brands would have features such as filtering based on audience location, language, age and interests. The brands would also get access to a detailed analysis of every influencer. The influencers would be further categorized based on the proprietary GOinfluencer score. These features would be available for brands at a budget friendly cost. 

Step 2: Campaign design and planning. 

Once the brands select the right set of influencers and submit their details, an optimised campaign strategy will be created for maximum reach within the mentioned allocated budget. The platform currently focuses on just Twitter, as the crypto market relies on influencers who are established on Twitter. The campaign planning includes a detailed schedule for influencer tweets, retweets, and quotes. 

Step 3: Influencer management.

Once the brands select the right set of influencers, GOinfluencer connects with these influencers to onboard them for the following campaign. After negotiations on price point, GOinfluencer creates and manages timelines and posts for influencers. GOinfluencer also facilitates an easy payment methodology between brands and influencers.  

Step 4: Post campaign analytics.

After the duration of the campaign, the GOinfluencer generates a performance report and analysis, which provides the details at an overall level as well as influencer level. This analysis helps GOinfluencer to close the learning loop as the insights are fed back into the system and kept in mind while designing campaigns in the future. In addition to that, the learnings are communicated to the projects as well as influencers to ensure that all the stakeholders in the ecosystem grow together and achieve better results next time.

GOinfluencer’s campaign strategy has proved to be incredibly successful. The Suite provides an AI and ML powered algorithm which makes the platform reliable and trustworthy due to its data driven features. In just two months of being operational, GOinfluencer has already been working with 30+ crypto projects and has managed campaigns with a cumulative budget of approximately $50,000.

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