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3D NFT Play2Earn Shooting Sandbox Game; Interview with Minh – CEO of Planet Sandbox

by DCompe29110n

Q. Hello there, Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi The Founder Daily community, I’m Minh – CEO of Planet Sandbox. I have 9+ years in the game industry. Please visit my website for more information: https://minhnh.tech/. It’s my pleasure to join in the interview today and hope I can provide the readers with valuable information about Planet Sandbox.

Q. Please briefly explain what is Planet Sandbox?

Planet Sandbox is a 3D NFT Play2Earn shooting sandbox game. We got two main game modes: the first one is shooting mode, where players can pick up their weapons and compete with others in intriguing game modes such as battle royale, and zombie defense.

The building mode is the next phase where the player can acquire a land piece, which is called a sandbox in out game, customize it to facilitate others to join in their land and play and earn there.

Providing a diversity of NFT items to use in plentiful game modes, Planet Sandbox allows players to play2earn and comforts them in their recreational time. The various game modes are to cater a wide range of players, each can find the mode they like best and play and earn from it.

Q. What makes Planet Sandbox different from the other GameFi projects in the market?

First of all, PlanetSandbox game is engaging and interactive with refined graphic. Unlike other simple but boring play2earn game, our users can enjoy, relax with game play and make income at the same time.

Secondly, our team has strong experience in game development and blockchain technology to bring the best project to our users. We are a studio in Vietnam with nearly 40 employees.

Thirdly, we audit every important stage of development with CertiK – a leading blockchain security firm to ensure security for our users.

Last but not least, this is just the beginning for PlanetSandbox. Our testnet is on-going now and official mainnet game will be released in no time!

Q. What kind of experience does Planet Sandbox offer to its users?

It’s all about fun and game. We always strive to improve the game quality to offer our players with the most pleasant gaming experience: smooth operations, easy-to-use UI/UX for crypto newbies, and high chances of earning! On top of that, our community is always entertained with multiple events to spice up the atmosphere such as lottery, playing with the CEO,championship, guild war and many more to come. You will never feel bored with PlanetSandbox ecosystem, and making profit while enjoying the fun in your free time sounds great, isn’t it?

Q. Who is behind the project and what are their experiences in this industry?

We are The Minders Studio – an experienced and passionate gaming studio based in Hanoi, Vietnam with more than 30 enthusiasts in operation and development. Personally, I started game development since 2013 and has experience with many team sizes raging from an indie to a big team of ~70 members. My main responsibilities is in various roles like developer (client, server, DevOps), head of game, CEO. Check out my portfolio: https://minhnh.tech/. With diligence and dedication to bring the best game experience to players, we are working hard every day to deliver exactly what we promised with the community.

Q. Please tell us a little about the Official Testnet Launch. How has it been?

PlanetSandbox Testnet is now available for download on our Website: https://planetsandbox.io/. To celebrate this milestone, we are hosting a Testnet Championship to incentivize our community to participate in the Testnet, try out the game and have the chance to win the $1000 prize pool. Check out the detail in here: https://planetsandbox.medium.com/testnet-championship-official-release-546772b5c1b8

Top 10 earners on Leaderboard will share the weekly prize in the period 30 May till 30 June. This is also a perfect opportunity for players to test all the NFTs available which include champions and weapons to get familiar with the system. Therefore, they can hone their skills and profit more in the mainnet launch.

Q. Can you briefly tell us about the major features of the Planet Sandbox Testnet?

Along with the Testnet game, we also have released our Demo Dapp and Marketplace. The flow of players will be a circle of:

Requesting the testnet tokens >> Buy mystery boxes on Marketplace >> Own champions and weapons >> Deposit to game to play and earn >> Play the game and compete with others in battle royale mode (MOST FUN PART!) >> Earn $PULV from winning the game >> Withdraw to trade in dex or invest more to buy NFTs and repeat the earning circle.

Other than that, the players can test other features such as listing NFTs for sales, deposit/withdraw tokens from Dapp and provide us feedback on how to improve the experience.

Here is a video demo of gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AKNdzpHRmI

*Please note that this is testnet and testnet tokens are designed for test purposes only and do not have trading value on the market.

Q. So exciting! So who is best suited to play Planet Sandbox Testnet?

I would say everyone is welcome to join PlanetSandbox Testnet! As long as you have a compatible laptop/PC device and a stable internet connection, you can access the Testnet.

The system requirements are as follows:

If you are a crypto newbie, don’t stress out, we have step-by-step instructing articles for you to go through. Still need help? There are dedicated community managers that online 24/7 to support new gamers in adopting the system in our Telegram chat at https://t.me/planetsandbox.

Q. What are the key partnerships that have helped Planet sandbox reach the heights?

First of all is the support of our seed/private round backers both financially and making valuable connections. Secondly, we also appreciate our KOLs network to help us widespread the image of PlanetSandbox to the mass community. At the moment, we are actively searching and partnering with gaming guilds in the space to bridge the gap between our play2earn game and players. Some of the game guilds includes RainMaker Guild, Good Game Guild, AFKDao, etc. and more to come! Last but most importantly, we couldn’t reach this far with the support of our community. The trust of followers is the core for a project to thrive, I would like to use this opportunity to express our gratitude towards our #PSB Community, you guys are truly the best.

Q. Any message for our readers?

The crypto market has been fluctuated in the past months. However, the bear market must mean a time to build infrastructure and momentum. Planet Sandbox is focusing on the release of our mainnet and new features such as staking NFT, new game modes and DAO. Watch out for us as we will disrupt the Play2Earn GameFi industry! Join the journey now by following us on social media:

Twitter | Telegroup | Website | Medium | Discord| Youtube

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